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XR Nation's ecosystem is growing weekly. We have a growth rate of 35% a month. The numbers here are updated monthly and show the rough numbers of our growing family.


On this page, you can view highlights of the cases done by the companies in the XR Nation ecosystem. There is also a list of all ecosystem partners & links to their showreel pages. 


Feel free to explore, and if you find items of interest, you are welcome to contact us via the contact form, email, or chat. 





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Explore Visuals Oy

Explore visuals on 2019 perustettu neljän media-alan moniosaajan muodostama yritys, jonka vahvuus on ulkona tapahtuvissa tuotannoissa. Palveluihimme kuuluu niin mainosvideot, valokuvat, 360°-sisällöt kuin ilmakuvauksetkin.

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Nordic XR Startups Oy

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Gribbing Oy

Create and design in 3D within minutes. Grib3D is for educators, kids, hobbyists, and designers to create and showcase their 3D models in augmented reality.

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Having a five year experience in both software and hardware when it comes to VR our team is confident, that we can deliver in many different kinds of projects.

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arjoamme maisema-arkkitehdin konsulttipalveluita. Ydinosaamiseemme kuuluu uudis- ja korjausrakentamiskohteiden ympäristön suunnittelu aina kaavavaiheesta toteutussuunnitteluun. Hyödynnämme tietomallinnusta osana suunnitteluprosessiamme.

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XR Gaming

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Make Helsinki

Building digital solutions with a creative mindset. Modern software development, digital marketing and service design.

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Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, AR By Telia, 3D Modeling, Web and mobilie development


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3D Talo Finlnad Oy

Räätälöidyt virtuaali- ja lisätyn todellisuuden ratkaisut

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Heikki Sulander Photography

Valokuva ei ole koskaan vain kuva, vaan taltioitu muisto ja tunne. Siihen perustuu valokuvaaja Heikki Sulanderin työ.

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Interactive 3D and XR solutions for enterprise use

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XR Studio develops augmented reality applications (Microsoft Hololens, smart glasses and mobile devices) for industrial and medical device manufacturers as well as AEC businesses.

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Unit C

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Mobile applications, web pages and comprehensive digital services

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Memorandum Unlimited Oy

Awakening the history with Mobile Apps!

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Saatat yllättyä mitä musiikkisi masteroinnilla saadaan aikaiseksi. Saamme musiikkisi kuulostamaan selkeämmälle, vahvemmalle ja täyteläisemmälle. Musakonttorin masterointipalvelu on edullinen, mutta emme tingi laadusta. Saat käyttöösi osaamisemme sekä masterointiin tarkoitetut huipputyökalut.

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We are a Game company founded in Turku and we specialize in value-based games that will spread awareness while still being entertaining.

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We develop VR/AR/XR projects on the Unreal Engine platform for various devices. We also offer strong experience in strategic development, digital marketing, IT and datacenter architecture, cloud services (SaaS, PaaS, IaaS), IoT, eCommerce, AI and robotics.

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WeSolve Oy

Augmented Reality as a Service. Core competence in connection business and emerging technologies. WebAR expert.

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AR By telia, 3D Modeling, WebAR

Should you feel inspired by the examples and / or our ecosystem partners please use the free 30-minute over the wire consultation offer to get a good view on how XR as technology can help. We as XR Nation can help you get the best partner possible for your use-case!

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