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Spatial Spotlight: Amplifyre

Updated: Sep 8, 2021

"Spatial Spotlight" is a series sharing a Spatial8 ecosystem partner's story.

BERLIN, GERMANY (September 08, 2021) – Launched in 2020 by David Turewicz, Amplifyre is a digital platform that helps businesses accelerate digital transformation.

Since David had his first experience with IT projects, he realized that they are far from simple, and many times companies simply don't know where to begin. For those not so tech-savvy, identifying the best digital solution can be confusing amid so many offerings available.

That's where Amplifyre comes in. We created a hub of exceptional software companies by understanding exactly what the expertise of each of our partners is. This allows us to match businesses to the most qualified provider depending on what the client needs to grow digitally.

To identify exactly what the client requires, our consultants take a deep dive into their digital projects and business processes. This analysis is the basis for creating the “Amplification Report”, a document that identifies opportunity areas to amplify the digital potential. As a result, the client gets a detailed report with our business analysis, a strategy to capitalize on digital opportunities and the technology providers that best match their project and business needs.

Something that makes Amplifyre stand out from the crowd is our content-driven approach. We noticed that most companies working in the software development and digital products field continuously produce a lot of great content, which showcases their knowledge on different topics while providing valuable information to the public.

We like to say we let our partners’ expertise speak for itself. We showcase the best content they produce, so potential clients can verify their expertise, and rest assured that we matched them to the right company for their project. We started by featuring articles and case studies, but since then we evolved to new content formats that highlight the different specialties of the Amplifyre Hub.

We introduced #AskTheHub, a series of interviews with professionals from our partner companies, where they discuss a current topic that belongs to their wheelhouse.

Here are a couple of our previous interviews:

We are currently working on a new feature to evolve the #AskTheHub into a very interactive format. We want to open our hub to help the online community. How it will work: 1 - To support users in their digitalization journeys, users will be able to ask questions related to product development, business, and technology. 2 - We then forward the questions to companies in the hub with expertise on each topic. 3 – The questions, along with the answers, will be posted on the Amplifyre site to help others. With our hub of interviews, articles, and solutions, we aim to provide support to not only our potential clients but also anyone requiring assistance in their digital journey. We have so much more to offer to our community, and for that very reason, we are also launching our monthly Newsletter soon to reach out to people with tech's most important stories. At the end of it all, we are here to create the Amplifyre Experience and guide the digital transformation journey of our clients. It is our proven method for taking digitalization to the next level. Our team is always there to guide clients through the process, remove roadblocks, and optimize delivery. We believe that technology has the potential to do a lot of good if it is done in the right manner. With this vision in mind, we aim to accelerate a positive technological evolution in every way possible.

To keep up with our future updates, we invite everyone to follow Amplifyre on our social channels and check out our website for more information.

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