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Spatial Spotlight: Landz

"Spatial Spotlight" is a series sharing a Spatial8 ecosystem partner's story.

MIAMI,FLORIDA (September 14, 2022) – Landz’ Estates by Landz Group LLC is the brainchild of Founders Benjamin Jarmon and Nathanael Cohen. With a wide-range of Mansions, Museums, and Headquarters, Landz real-estate NFT collection is the first generative, interoperable virtual real-estate asset. That means, irrespective of whether you own land or not in any metaverse, with Landz you get to enjoy the benefits of these Premium NFT collections in all major metaverses like Decentraland, The Sandbox, Spatial, Somnium Space, etc.

Nathan Cohen, the Co-Founder of Landz, states, “our assets are quite versatile and easily adapt to high and low poly environments. Moreover, they are unique because of random amenities and rarities, making them a great collectible option.” The Landz team works with the goal to onboard everyone—individuals, artists, businesses—into the metaverse. In line with this, the Landz public mint went live in late July, with the assets Revealed last week (8th September).

Types of Mansions, Museums & HQs

Mansions come in 6 awe-inspiring designs with dedicated closets to display your NFT wearables:

  • The Jetpad - modern & sleek

  • The Cartel - true to its name with a secret cigar room

  • The Legacy - out of a GQ magazine

  • The Cloud - futuristic, at its best

  • The Tikki Palace - straight out of a Bond movie

  • The Forbidden Mansion - we don’t talk about what’s forbidden.

If you’re an art collector looking to hold virtual art galleries, we have the Museums:

  • The Galleria

  • The Palazzo

  • The Hive

  • The Foundation

Our Headquarters are the perfect place to hold those e-meetings in a sombre environment with standard amenities like conference rooms, etc. We bring you:

  • The Rocket-fella Center

  • The United Metaverses

  • The New Valley

Use Cases of Landz Assets

When you compare the cost of making a virtual real-estate asset form scratch, it goes in the upwards of thousands of dollars. That’s just for one metaverse. Now consider that in context of all your favorite metaverses - a costly affair, right? However, Landz brings to the table 5000 luxury mansions, 1500 artistic museums and 500 gravity-defying HQs, starting at just $500. Not only does the Landz NFT Collection exude beauty and a premium feel, but it also packs use-cases.

For example, individuals can pick the NFT Mansions to host parties, feature their personal collections of NFTs, and showcase their identity. While art collectors and retailers can use the Museums to display their artists’ artwork, promote art events and display their products. In contrast, business and companies can utilize the HQs to display messages, engage their employees in playable games, token gate access from one floor to another for different departments of the company and relay their multiverse message in style.

Some of the upcoming use cases would be to make randomized amenities (sports grounds, trampolines, selfie station) playable. Also, to make displays in all assets a source of monetization and revenue generation for holders.


With Landz latest REVEAL becoming a huge hit, the next step to enable deployment across Spatial. Holders will be able to utlize Spatial’s in-built functionalities to customize and personalize their assets.

Post that, the next and probably the most-important milestone would be the launch of the Landz middleware which will be a game-changer and the first-of-its-kind. Using the Landz software, holders will be able to deploy their personalized asset into: Decentraland, Spatial, Somnium Space, OverTheReality, SuperWorlds, Upland and during Alpha 4 (when live), in the Sandbox.

To Wrap it Up

With randomized features & special amenities like sports grounds, helipads, different wall and roof colors, rare amenities, etc., the Landz NFT Collection bring a host of utilities and use cases on the table. The team’s focus is on enabling advanced customization, personalization and gamified experiences rather than recreating a design from scratch and losing the end goal in the process. This allows for cheaper onboarding as well.

Landz is intent upon making virtual properties interoperable, making sure integrations happen on the back end, and users experience seamless interconnectivity. The bear market is for builders - and Landz, quite literally, has developed Metaverse real estate that’s affordable, thus shattering the entry barrier to the grounds. While developing a Metaverse real-estate from scratch can go upto $300,000 or more, Landz virtual NFTs cost a fraction of that.

So, it's fair to say that Landz Group pushes the barrier really low when it comes to acquiring virtual properties by offering the perfect blend between interconnectedness and affordability.

The mint is still ongoing at with under 40 assets left from the Genesis collection. Check them out today on their website and Twitter, and join their Discord for exclusive information, offers and more.

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