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Spatial Spotlight: mlxar

"Spatial Spotlight" is a series sharing a Spatial8 ecosystem partner's story.

VIENNA, AUSTRIA (March 16, 2022) – mlxar has built an AI that creatively generates virtual worlds and cities from reference images. The company’s vision is to provide a no code AI world builder platform for the content creator economy, especially for the next generation of content creators.

Urban Game World Generated by Chromfell & mlxar

mlxar was founded in 2021 in Vienna by Ben James, an architect whose work focuses on the integration of technology and design. He was shortly thereafter joined by Michal Bušta, an AI expert and researcher at the Centre for Machine Perception in Prague. Their work has focused on AI innovation with the goal to create a platform that can augment the intuition of the designer.

Underlying their approach are two key components.

The first is the data driven nature of their workflow. This provides a non-destructive design approach, meaning all the work a user does with their platform from the beginning to the end (both generating AI content and their user journey, including making manual changes) will always be reflected and integrated in newly generated designs. Each design iteration is, therefore, embedded with a lot of unique data, information, and history. This allows users to interact with and refine them throughout their process (from concept to game-ready assets).

The second is the no code aspect of their platform. This benefits new creators and communities that are not familiarised with coding / 3D software. It means that non-professional users can be empowered to build their own digital worlds, and mlxar can become a core part of the next generation of Roblox, VR Chat, Fortnite, etc.

Showreel of AI Generated Structures

The company’s underlying AI technology innovations aim to disrupt the current procedural models of the industry, which they view as not scalable (too limiting in design diversity, too high a barrier for entry and too heavy/bulky), especially as the demand for digital 3D content continues to grow.

As the company now enters the market looking to refine product fit via pilot projects, they have found early traction amongst game developers including AAA studio Square Enix. The company is actively seeking interesting new use cases and any studio interested in a partnership should reach out to their team ( In addition, the company is always interested to meet technical artists who are passionate about creating new workflows and interested in metaverse-related content creation (

More information about mlxar can be found at their website:

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