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Spatial Spotlight: Morphy.Vision

Updated: Aug 8, 2022

"Spatial Spotlight" is a series sharing a Spatial8 ecosystem partner's story.

UKRAINE (August 10, 2022) – Morphy.Vision is a creative Augmented Reality studio from Ukraine that combines high-quality 3D graphics, social media capabilities, and marketing prowess to create new AR experiences for brands. Our team has developed over 180 AR filters in 1.5 years. These were created for companies from different countries like the US, UK, Austria, Italy, and the Netherlands.

Morphy.Vision ​​is its people. First, we are a team of AR creators with a marketing background and powered by quality 3D graphics. But more than anything, we are all about empathizing with our clients and delivering what they need—technological results. We value high quality and hands-on cooperation to achieve great results.

So you’re saying AR in marketing, are you serious? Oh, yes. A nifty AR filter helps brands interact with customers directly, whether it’s for promo events, raffles, or launching new products. Applicable for both real-life and social media interaction, AR broadens your audience via its visual appeal and practical message delivery.

A marketing campaign can spur users to take photos of AR-powered products and then post them on Instagram with your company’s name tag. Then, simply let the loyal audience create wonders. One repost leads to another, making it viral and exposing your product to an even wider range of people.

We strongly believe in AR, and that is for a reason — it works. studio has repeatedly taken part in competitions and open calls, promoting AR technologies for social networks.

In competitions, we not only show off our technological skills or the creativity of the team. We are more focused on showing real-case solutions that work and have practical uses.

Volunteer projects

AR is not everything for us, though. There are more important things, especially when our country is being torn apart by war.

We put much of our efforts into helping Ukraine. This is why we have developed numerous projects that draw attention to the war and help its victims. Here are some of them:

Use cases for brands

Using AR technology, you can enable corporate colors, mascots, and other settings of Instagram, Snapchat, & TikTok story filters to use Augmented Reality marketing advantages. Whether it’s simple graphics or advanced AR quips, we make sure it looks and feels great. Based on your needs, we can incorporate state-of-the-art AR traits to make your product look stellar.

Thanks to hitting the sweet spot of being fresh yet proven technology, AR filters help you stand out among traditional competitors. This also shows that your brand is tech-aware, aiming at wide demographic groups.

Usage simplicity is another advantage — several clicks and the user is engaged. Nowadays, there are a lot of fields using Augmented Reality in retail and eCommerce, namely AR shopping experiences with clothes and jewellery. Grocery stores can also use AR for the 3D visualization of goods.

Much like AR, Morphy.Vision is getting better, adding even more tools to its toolkit. We are constantly finding new ways of delivering innovative AR experiences and making them work.

Morphy.Vision is open to new challenges and partnerships. Contact us at

Read more about our studio here.

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