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Spatial Spotlight: Scopus Studio

"Spatial Spotlight" is a series sharing a Spatial8 ecosystem partner's story.

TALLINN, ESTONIA (November 11, 2021) – Scopus Studio was born in Tallinn, Estonia out of the passion to revolutionize the fashion industry through 3D visualization. Lead by the ideology of the founder Kirke Leinatamm, we believe that 3D design and

visualization should be the norm in fashion for any brand of any scale. 3D visualization offers different solutions that help cut down the impact from wastage of fast fashion in the areas of modelling, visual content creation for marketing, and beyond.

Scopus Studio guides fashion brands towards digitalization and innovation, acting as the bridge between the physical and the digital. Since the technology is still fairly new and innovative in the fashion industry, one of our first steps is to help educate our clients. Our aim is to change the presumption and mindset that an innovative technology must certainly be a big and risky investment with an unpredictable ROI. 3D visualisation is a very powerful tool for bringing the business costs down for product development and marketing. Depending on the brand’s target market and business model, the impact, for example, for businesses that focus on customisation and B2B sales, lies in 3D being an aesthetic tool for visualising the client's custom designs while providing the perception of a professional and reliable service.

Our focus is on visual marketing content, offering different options for our clients. We help them make the most of a 3D mock-up, utilise 360 turntables, create animations according to the brand’s image and digital fashion by superimposing 3D outfits onto real model’s photos.

What we consider being our main value is our technical expertise in fashion. Our 3D designers don’t only have experience in 3D but also have education and work experience in the fashion industry, which means we are able to offer a 3D mock-up that is a true replica of the real-life sample. Our clients can send us a technical 2D pattern file which we will recreate in 3D or provide a sketch or photo of the design, and we will build a richly detailed pattern ourselves. Our founder Kirke is a 3D designer herself, and we have another full-time 3D designer on the team as well as a network of freelancers from all over the world.

Other than 3D designers, our team has a researcher, a digital transformation professor from Sri Lanka University, currently doing research into virtual fashion. As mentioned before, educating people about the possibilities and benefits of 3D visualization technologies is a close second to our technical expertise. Besides scientific research and consulting clients this activity includes active participation in webinars and other digital fashion-related events.

When discussing digital fashion, it’s inevitable to start thinking about how fashion will look in the future. With more digital and virtual experiences emerging and developing, considering the bold vision of the new Facebook, aka Meta, and not forgetting about the hype for NFT's, it is evident that digital fashion is here to stay. What we as an agency working with businesses notice is a growing potential for new business models that have the digital written into their DNA. These new models range from phygital experiences for shopping to made-to-order and made-to-measure business models that are powered by AI and 3D technologies to fully digital fashion houses.

What is most exciting about all the possibilities that digital technologies are providing us, is the aspect of sustainable resource use and waste management this kind of optimization offers for fashion businesses. Moreover, it is offering us an alternative for fast fashion and our growing need for consumption that before meant physical production but now could mean a virtual outfit that will never use any water or fabric. Energy will always remain a resource even for digital items, though, and that needs to be taken as a concern when discussing the sustainability of digital fashion.

To learn more about what potentials and benefits 3D visualization has to offer follow us on Instagram and check out our website.

Feel free to contact us at if you have any questions, ideas, or suggestions.

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