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XR Nation celebrates its first birthday by adding 10 new members!

Updated: Mar 17, 2021

HELSINKI, FINLAND (March 17, 2021) – XR Nation has just turned one year old but has been walking for months. It has recently added ten new members and partners to its ecosystem for the first quarter of 2021 bringing the community to 42 members.

These new additions to the ecosystem provide more opportunities for collaboration not only within the XR sector but also in related sectors like gaming and Internet of Things (IoT). They also expand the kinds of products and services that can be provided to both client and members further strengthening XR Nation’s multi-sided marketplace.

The new members and partners include:

Augumenta (Oulu, Finland) supplies Augmented Reality applications and development tools to organizations that use smart glasses.

Awesome Crowd (Kuopio, Finland) specializes in the sports event marketing and sponsorships creating experiences for the spectators to become loyal friends and advocates for the teams.

Flow - Meditation for modern life (Reykjavik, Iceland) provides access to the infinite benefits of meditation through advanced technology such as their new mobile app and their FLOW-VR app.

Kaira Clan (Ala-Temmes, Finland) is the unified entry point into the Finnish IoT ecosystem, providing business design, technology outsourcing, and legal help for IoT and other digital projects.

Marwon (Rovaniemi, Finland) is a creative agency focusing on community building for social media with an emphasis on visual storytelling and content creation.

MiTale (Turku, Finland) is a game development company passionate about interactive storytelling and the latest gaming technologies such as XR and quantum games.

Nebula Cluster (Vilnius, Lithuania) is a business cluster of audio-visual industry companies based in Lithuania that are engaged in film, XR, digital media, and games.

Port 6 (Espoo, Finland) creates interaction technologies for extended realities enabling accurate typing, rich gestures, playing musical instruments and new tasks in multiple industries.

Vreal (Helsinki, Finland) offers Virtual Reality solutions combining high resolution images with cutting-edge technology and tailored to the customer’s industry and needs.

Zestnut (Rovaniemi, Finland) is a one-stop shop for VR and game projects’ audio needs helping them sound better.

Expanding further into the Nordic-Baltic region and building more bridges to other related sectors helps XR Nation get closer to its vision of developing a space for different emerging technologies to intersect and for creators to meet and develop new ideas, projects, partnerships, and companies.

"We hope to maintain this year’s momentum by creating even more value for our community,” says XR Nation President Joh Orengo. “Not only will we continue bringing business cases to our content creator companies, but we’ll also focus on establishing our marketplace so that members can sell their products and services to clients and each other. On top of that, we hope to create opportunities for members to collaborate with each other and across industries on bigger projects and on bigger stages."

As a birthday gift, XR Nation would like to present you with a brand new presentation designed by Marwon covering our business ecosystem for Q1 2021 and showcasing our wonderful community!

We can't do this without you - thank you!!

Enjoy and feel free to share!

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