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XR Nation Citizen's Spotlight: Holoway

Updated: May 6, 2021

Citizen's Spotlight is a weekly series sharing an XR Nation citizen's story.

LEUVEN, BELGIUM (May 5, 2021) – Holoway is the maker of AiR, an app for creating and sharing the most realistic human AR holograms with your smartphone. Our mission is to introduce a new way of communicating.

In the beginning of 2020, when Covid-19 was, dare we say, relatively new, we quickly discovered that digital, in all forms, became quasi-the only way to do things. In full lockdown, even when you needed new cutlery, you needed to go online. This became as true for communication. Zoom exploded, collaborative online tools & workplaces went mainstream, and for all the world it looked like this was actually improving a lot of offline chit chat.

Although, after a while, when the novelty of communicating like this faded and yelling at your screen for 10 hours a day became part of the routine, more people started turning their cameras off. Was anybody still listening?

Sending pictures via social media gained another dimension as well - people started missing 3D, in all of its forms. What is bringing us closer together faster than ever was creating a new kind of distance between each other as well.

Bram the Hologram

That is why Bram and Thomas, brothers since the start (duh!), started having discussions about what could solve this growing lack of intimacy. Bram, an expert in AI and 3D-shape perception and with years of computer graphic rendering expertise, started pondering the possibilities of creating holograms just by using your mobile phone. Thomas quickly joined in with his extensive experience in shaping companies, and AiR was born.

AiR lets you create realistic, intimate, human holograms just as easy as making a video. Why shouldn't it be possible to send a message from you, as you, in a completely immersive and real way? We launched AiR at the end of 2020 in the App Store, where currently thousands of people have downloaded the app to experience themselves as holograms. We've seen the first signs of people creating a holographic memory album which has prompted us to go one step further.

AiR in action

In our second app release, we will enable you with the possibility of sharing all those saved moments with friends and family. Just like you chat away all day, you will be able tell your story in true-to-life holograms. We're currently testing the beta with a focus on augmenting chat to a degree that we can become closer with each other again. The mission we have set forth is to create a digital communication that you'll want to touch.

Find out more about us. Go to our website or just download the app!

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