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ROVANIEMI, FINLAND (February 11, 2021) – Marwon is a creative agency that is crafting stories people can't ignore!

At the beginning of 2020, we began our journey of transforming brands into superheroes. What started as “No way! You too?” continued to shape into a partnership and a business from which there was no going back.

Based in Finland, we are leaving cookie crumbs all over the country. At the same time, we are preparing to sprinkle them across the border. Our brand toolkit consists of empathy, creativity, honesty, and trust. With such tools, our projects

have no boundaries.

Storytelling is most important to us. It stems from the days that we spent hanging out at the “cool kids'” table, with our heads in comics.

Now, it serves as a needle that moves threads in everything we do - from content strategy to content creation. Instagram holds our focus, but we are no strangers to other social media platforms.

Yet, our true superpower lies in diving deep. In taking the time to put in place knowledge and techniques. We are stewarding you towards applying it to your specific brand journey. Whether as front-seat passengers or by taking the wheel and providing you with turnkey solutions.

We are usually not into trends. One thing we want to make trendy though is a new era of business. Reshaping the minds of entrepreneurs by turning on the responsibility switch. Empathy and trustworthy leadership is a trend everyone should hop on. Success comes to those who make an impact. And what are we if not little excerpts of history that were brave enough to make a difference?

Instagram: @wearemarwon

Web: www.marwon.agency

Email: hello@marwon.agency

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