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XR Nation Citizen's Spotlight: MeetinVR

Citizen's Spotlight is a weekly series sharing an XR Nation citizen's story.

COPENHAGEN, DENMARK (November 4, 2020) – MeetinVR strives to be a leader in the space of enterprise VR collaboration. We have created a brand new universe optimized for business meetings with distributed teams. Innovative, creative, and critical thinking combined with detail-oriented design and user-centricity result in an exceptional experience appreciated by every client.

The MeetinVR Official Trailer

Our tool is designed and developed to help businesses improve the quality and effectiveness of their remote collaboration. By leveraging VR technology our clients see a positive effect on their remote work culture as moving to more connected and engaging meetings allows them to improve team cohesion. Moreover, our platform helps businesses to eliminate unnecessary travel, reduce their environmental footprint, and reach Sustainable Development Goals. Find more about the benefits here. It is available on the most popular stand-alone VR headsets, a number of computer-tethered ones as well as Windows PC and Macs.

MVR Milestones

MeetinVR has a classic startup story. It all started in the head of our CEO Cristian-Emanuel Anton who came to Copenhagen to study Mediology and found his passion in Virtual Reality. Mind-blown by the endless possibilities of the technology, he experimented with Oculus DK2 in his bedroom and created a prototype of what used to be called Dream Space - an environment with no limits for creative expression. In 2016 one of the most respected angel investors in Denmark Nikolaj Hojer liked his entrepreneurial drive and suggested pivoting towards business needs. He also provided the first capital to develop the idea further.

The founder expanded the development team and found another essential piece of every startup puzzle - a sales expert from France Francois Schumer, who by then was active in the startup scene and had years of commercial experience behind him. Soon the development team grew and current CTO Rasmus Dyhr Larsen joined the team to form the core current management suite.

In the span of 4 years, we have had conversations with thousands of companies from various industries and sizes with the goal of figuring out their pain points and needs. Based on the insights we developed activity-centered environments and essential tools to bring superpowers into the world of business meetings. Each workspace is designed according to a specific activity. The app is designed with the idea that anyone should be able to start using VR for business meetings without any previous technical experience. We stand out in experience and interaction design, top-level intuitiveness, and extreme attention to detail.

Now we have made a number of successful pilot projects with multiple Fortune 500 companies with some having over 300 users. Our customers can meet internally or meet their clients in interactive VR workspaces designed to promote engagement and productivity. They can discuss and strategize, present and showcase media, brainstorm, and mind-map and, of course, socialize and do team-building activities.

Benefits Video

Since the launch, we are available for both enterprise and SMB customers, and you can easily sign up for a free 30 day trial from our website. At the public beta launched we have also announced a partnership with Varjo. The company from Finland makes human-eye resolution virtual and mixed reality products that help professionals in the most demanding industries push the limits of what's ever been possible. This collaboration marked our entrance onto the XR scene.

MeetinVR x Varjo Collaboration

What’s next you ask? We are about to announce another big partnership with a startup from Estonia and innovate our avatar system. We have also just released integration to Microsoft OneDrive and are preparing a number of other key integrations that will allow our customers to access the common business and collaboration tools in VR.

Visit us at our website for even more information.

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