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XR Nation Citizen's Spotlight: MiTale

Citizen's Spotlight is a weekly series sharing an XR Nation citizen's story.

TURKU, FINLAND (February 3, 2021) – MiTale is a game development company from Finland established in 2017 with a huge passion for interactive storytelling and serious games.

As a fully independent game development studio, we do not have investments, loans nor other forms of external financing; all of our income is generated by our work in game development, through B2B services, and revenue from the games we have published. This structure enables us to be independent in decision-making with regards to the company’s strategy, mission, vision, and goals, as well as giving us creative freedom and – this is a very important detail – keeping all of the assets within the company.

One of our goals as a team is to combine high-quality Finnish style education, commercial games' playability, interactive storytelling practices, and Mixed Reality solutions to create the most unique, immersive, and meaningful experiences.

As testing as 2020 was, it brought us a new service - eLearning. Many companies have faced the challenge of conducting training while the whole world was in lockdown, so we decided to take a leap and provide eLearning development for business needs. Currently, we are in discussions with potential clients who do not have dedicated digital learning departments. Due to our experience and interest in education and gamified learning, it was a logical, next step.

As a company, we strive to continually develop new gamified learning apps. One of our products is "Sanalanka Friends"(pictured here), which is a virtual pet game where a user can take care of a squirrel named Peppe while improving language learning and social skills through engaging minigames. It’s also available for download on the App Store.

Another learning app we have created is called "My 1st Calendar", which is dedicated to speech therapy. The app presents a calendar for children in the form of an interactive diary that can be synced with their parent’s Google Calendar. It is fully customizable for the child's specific language learning needs. More about My 1st Calendar can be found on our YouTube channel. It is also available for download on the App Store.

Besides our recent forays into eLearning, in 2020 we announced a new project in partnership with an IBM research group led by Dr. James Wootton. It was a narrative-driven game for PC and console called "C.L.A.Y. - The Last Redemption." What sets this game apart from the other games in our portfolio is that by tapping into IBM’s quantum simulators we were able to integrate quantum procedural generation. This means that during the game, the main character's personality, the other characters they encounter, and the way the levels change will be generated by the laws of quantum mechanics. A demo is available on Steam.

A screenshot from C.L.A.Y.

Among our other B2B services, we provide digital learning tools, UI/UX design, high-quality 2D and 3D concept art, and 3D visualizations with interactive features ideal for industrial and construction industries and easy integration into VR and AR applications. Watch a video of our services here.

Our most recent project was a full virtual tour of Viking Line’s new vessel “Viking Glory” for the education of their management and staff while the ship was being built on the other side of the world in China. It features a fully interactive and open-world experience of the vessel. This collaboration began in 2019, while the official launch of the ship was on 26th January 2021. Enjoy a sneak peek below.

Viking Line's Viking Glory tour 2021

We are also very excited about our upcoming app, nARwhal, designed to help users in discovering the best offers and services that shopping malls have to offer using an AR guidance system. Besides AR guidance, customers will be collecting tokens and getting notifications regarding current best offers and sales. Shop owners, on the other hand, will be able to promote seasonal offers, reward customer loyalty, and have detailed, quantitative insight into shop traffic and the impact of marketing campaigns.

MiTale's services help brands to build the most engaging interactive experiences that will boost their team's productivity and make their business grow. Watch a video about our services here.

Connect with us on our website or on social media.

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