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XR Nation Citizen's Spotlight: Punnu Games

Updated: Jan 26, 2021

Citizen's Spotlight is a weekly series sharing an XR Nation citizen's story.

TURKU, FINLAND (December 9, 2020) – Punnu Games is a game studio based in Turku, Finland founded in 2019 by Eeva Vuorinen and Susanna Ilmonen, looking to work on something inspiring and fun. The two met at their previous workplace and quite soon after meeting, they started working together on games.

Eeva has a business degree, so she runs all the paperwork and the stuff some would describe as boring. However, she also gets to be the person on stage to pitch especially because she just loves to have people listening to her. Susanna, or more commonly known as Tipi, is the creative director, and she is in charge of managing the projects and making sure everything runs smoothly. Other than these two workaholics, the Punnu team consists of talented, young, driven, and like-minded people, all headed for promising careers in the game industry.

Before Punnu Games existed, they were a group of people working on games for fun. Before getting too much into the company though, it would probably be a good idea to explain what "Punnu" are. Punnu are creatures living on the planet Pallokalojenrokkausmaa or the "Rocking World of the Blowfish". Punnu were originally created by Susanna’s son when he was around three years old. There are many different kinds of Punnu and many other creatures in the world he created.

Screenshot from "Fantastic Energy"

Perhaps you will get to meet all of the Punnu at a later time ; )

Punnu Games was founded on top of the values of sustainability and equality, making it a value-based business making value-based games. As of now, the main focus is sustainability, and they have two projects that they hope will have an impact on the people playing the games. While Punnu Games mainly creates mobile games, PC games are next on the table. They also use Augmented Reality or AR in their games to bring the game to life and offer players some additional value to the experience.

Fantastic Energy trailer 2020

"Fantastic Energy" is a mobile game Punnu Games has been working on for a while now. The game aims to bring joy to the players while teaching them about sustainability and how to reduce their carbon footprints. The game has cute monsters for the players to fight and a home base for them to develop. The game has AR components in it, to bring a little bit of a sci-fi feel to the players and add the feel of realism. The use of AR will be strategically placed, in order to bring the highest possible added value with it.

"Arrival of Punnu" is a PC game they have just started working on. Within the game, a Punnu rocketship has landed on earth, and they need help to fix the ship. With the help of a curious little boy, the Punnu find a way to get home and help others while they’re at it. The aim of this game is to discuss climate change and bring awareness to the possibly bleak future we might be facing if things don’t change.

Pullervo and the Punnu from "Arrival of Punnu"

Visit Punnu Games' website to learn more about the company, its values, and its latest projects.

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