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Updated: Jan 26

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HELSINKI, FINLAND (October 1, 2020) – Radical Rabbit is an experience-first XR studio from Helsinki, Finland. We craft meaningful experiences in Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality. Our purpose is to reveal fresh perspectives through XR, with the belief that it is through personal experience that learning and change happens.

Radical Rabbit was founded in 2018 by Olli and Ila, a couple of storytelling enthusiasts with a technical persuasion.

Olli, whose pedigree is in digital design and filmmaking, decided to take the road less traveled when in 2016 he left his job at a prominent digital design studio in Helsinki to go to South Africa to complete a degree in filmmaking with a specialty in Virtual Reality. Upon his return to Finland, he set out to pursue his vision of XR experiences that could bring a fresh perspective and make a tangible impact on people’s lives. It was in this pursuit that he met Ila.

Ila, a creative technologist who brings his pedagogical perspectives and expertise to his work, was also in the midst of a shift. After a few years of developing games and applications, he stepped out to establish himself as a technical service provider in the field of XR technologies.

Picture was taken from YLE at Helsinki XR Center

Radical Rabbit has continued to grow since those early days on the principle that XR experiences should be available to all regardless of one's access to expensive computers and equipment. This principle ensures impactful and meaningful experiences that are far-reaching and accessible to anyone, anywhere.

More recently Radical Rabbit has focused on leveraging technology for a humane and novel approach to solving common human problems. One such example is AnnI (pronounced "Annie"). AnnI is a lobby assistant who was created as a proof of concept for Kalasatama Health Centre and trialed at the beginning of 2020. AnnI uses Finnish speech recognition as input and answers in spoken language. AnnI was chosen as one of three proposed solutions tried at the health centre to solve the common problem of older customers getting lost on their way to their doctor's appointments after leaving the main lobby area of the hospital. Watch the video below:

Another example of a humane and novel approach was solving the need for immersive language practice with the development of our web-based language practice application (kielikylpy) for Yle Oppiminen. Learning a new language is hard. Confidence to practice speaking a new language in real-life situations doesn’t come easily to everyone. We needed to develop a way for people to be able to practice speaking Finnish in an environment that was natural, fun, carefree, and comfortable. To do this we settled on a browser-based experience using Finnish speech recognition as the input method and multiple seamless looping video responses as feedback for the user to know how they were advancing through the game. (Check out the experience here.)

We offer an end to end service from initial discussions and workshopping the concept through to technical development, production, and delivery of the solution. We also have a wide network like XR Nation from which we can draw additional expertise if needed.

Currently, the main services we offer are:

  • 360° video production and post-production services

  • Interactive virtual tours packaged for the web or for headsets

  • WebAR experiences

  • A comprehensive one-day workshop for businesses where we guide participants through XR, its business models, and use cases and conceptualize a use case for their business model using XR technology

Additionally, we will soon be launching a webAR application for product packaging, linking a user from a physical product to a digital experience (more details on that later).

Visit our website for more information.

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