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XR Nation Citizen's Spotlight: Stereoscape

Updated: Oct 28, 2020

Citizen's Spotlight is a weekly series sharing an XR Nation citizen's story.

HELSINKI, FINLAND (October 28, 2020) – Stereoscope’s story began in 2009 when it started creating stereoscopic 3D solutions and giving customers important 'aha!' moments. Our mission has always been to go beyond the initial ‘wow’ effect and make the way for an insightful learning experience with virtual information. With over a decade of experience we continue to push towards more refined communication solutions that help people learn faster, work smarter and understand more.

Stereoscape's Showreel

Partnering with forward-looking companies, we focus on putting new technologies at the service of people, with an emphasis on engaging design solutions and user experience. Stereoscape designs and builds 3D, AR and VR solutions that are interactive, immersive and visually powerful – helping companies drive productivity, sustainability and business growth. Our network-based business model enables us to select the best tools for the job to deliver end-to-end solutions that  create the best value to our clients. We target our services towards companies that recognize the transformative potential of extended reality as one of the key technologies of the next wave of digitalisation. During the years our solutions and

design processes have proven their quality in many past cases with Nokia, Wärtsilä, Valmet, and other large Finnish companies. See a few examples below:

Nokia 5G multiuser VR

By creating a digital twin of the Nokia 5G center located in Oulu we enabled audiences to experience the 5G lab first-hand, regardless of their location, and share the space with Nokia’s own experts.

Valmet Presenting paper technologies AR By collecting all relevant product information around a single 3D model we were able to manage and present knowledge in a flexible and compelling manner.

Nokia new service concept in AR

AR can be perfect for communicating invisible technologies, as we did with Nokia’s AI-powered service concept.

Our XR solutions cover multiple application areas that all utilize the 3D elements that

we collect and refine, together with our clients, for different use cases. We work with

our customers to utilize visual, interactive, demonstrative and engaging information

in sales and marketing, operations and maintenance and learning and training. Right

now we are redefining our product portfolio to include solutions that are specifically

designed to help companies weather through the current change towards increasing

remote practices.

Our team of creative technologists is passionate about helping you design, build and

deliver interactive experiences with a variety of technologies in versatile ways. Our

consultative sales team will gladly help you with your XR roadmap that is brought to

life by our production experts. The praise from our past clients has been overflowing,

as we have always managed to deliver beyond expectations. Here are some of our newest product concepts that our team can help you work with:

Showcase 360 space

Virtual tours accessible from anywhere help present locations without compromising information fidelity.

Smartscape Online

Answering the demand of more interactive content widely recognised by marketers and researchers, interactive presentations offer an approachable solution.

Showscape AR Presenter

A future proof way to include collaborative interaction with 3D models as part of remote presentations.

Our slogan – "Experience information" – distils our mission of enabling people to

experience information in entirely new ways. We are a team of XR experts devoted

to making digital information more alive, responsive, accessible and enjoyable, using

game-changing XR technologies.

Contact us or visit our website for more information.

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