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XR Nation rapidly expands to 30 members

Updated: Jan 27, 2021

HELSINKI, FINLAND (September 9, 2020) – XR Nation continues to add member companies to its roster, adding eight new members in the last three weeks. New memberships include an AI startup, two associations, and even an international law firm. This expansion further establishes XR Nation’s presence in the Nordic and Baltic rim’s Extended Reality industry.

Because XR Nation’s goal is two-fold, connecting brands with XR companies both for content creation and select AR/VR products as well as establishing an internal market for its community members, the companies that join vary as do their needs. Whereas a brand client might need help writing a request for proposal, AR content, or specific VR software, members could be seeking marketing, 3D modeling, or green screen photography assistance.

According to Investopedia, “being a part of a business ecosystem provides mechanisms to leverage technology, achieve excellence in research and business competence, and compete effectively against other companies” among other goals.

"I'm overwhelmed by the interest we’ve had from potential members and from companies that need content,” says XR Nation co-founder Teemu Ollilainen. “We’ve realized that we need to focus on Europe for now and create a waiting list for new members until we better organize our onboarding process. We want to make sure that we keep our promise to take good care of all parties in our ecosystem."

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XR Nation (XRN) is a virtual territory that facilitates the free movement of products and services for its community members. XR Nation is also a space where brands can meet with XR companies. If you’re a brand looking for XR services or a company interested in joining the ecosystem, visit our other pages or contact

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